​Daily Spiritual Journal



Spiritual Journaling

Spiritual journaling is an important tool for everyone!

Messages from the spiritual world are sent to you each and every day.


Messages are also sent that are intended to be shared with others.

All you have to do is receive them!

Through conscious awareness that information is sent, messages are received.

By keeping a daily spiritual journal, there is no need to try and remember them all.

 Documentation also allows you to become aware of correlations in time frames, notice receiving messages that belong together like pieces of a puzzle, and research the meaning of the message if it is not self explanatory. What you see may not make sense to you in which case you may dismiss it without receiving the message.

 ​Here is an example of this from my spiritual journal:


​"I dreamt that I was looking in the mirror at my hair roots, parting it in different places and noticed that they turned green. The next thing I see is my hair became green leaves with different color flowers among them.

My hair looked like a garden."

​"Meaning: Growing things can be a potent symbol for inner growth and what is felt about it. When positive, it can be shown through flowers, fruits, trees or healthy gardens. The growth, beauty and bounty of the plant represents a new found feeling of confidence and self-mastery."

Spiritual enlightenment and self-understanding can be gained leading to personal growth which in turn can lead to social growth.


​Receive your messages and journal them!


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