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What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are spiritual beings that help you through your life in a positive way.

How many can you have?

There is no minimum or maximum number when it comes to spirit guides. Some may stay with you throughout your life while others may come and go as needed.

Spirit Guides

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What form of spiritual beings are these guides?

They can be animals, insects, Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, muses, ancestors, departed loved ones, deities, religious figures and Elementals like faeries.

How do they help?

They can be called upon for protection, guidance, healing, inspiration, encouragement, strength, support, etc.

They can not interfere with your free will.

They also deliver messages/information to you.

How do I know if they are with me?

Have faith that they are and ask them who they are.

You may see, hear, feel them or just know that they are with you. They can be revealed to you in readings. Some

will come to you in physical form (animals) or in some sort of physical form like in pictures, dreams, clouds, meditations or on objects to deliver messages.