Symbol of ascendance, flight, communication with the spiritual realms; represents the element of air. It is said that finding a feather is a sign from the angels letting you know they are there.


Symbolic of transitioning between

one world and the next..

What is a symbol?

It is something that stands for or represents something else.

What is symbolism?

It is what the symbol is perceived to mean.

Symbols can be and have been changed, modified or altered from their original version throughout history.

The symbolism has also been altered, modified or changed based on the fears of some or the adoption

of a symbol by someone to represent their cause.

An example of this and the ramifications that can follow is the swastika.

Hitler did not create this symbol but he mistakenly believed that it symbolized a pure race and because  of his

belief used it to represent his cause and the cruelty he inflicted. This symbol may never be viewed in any other way. 

Do you know what the real meaning of this symbol is? 

I didn't until a few years ago when I took an interest in symbols and this is what I learned.

The swastika is an old solar symbol and was a sacred symbol of the Navaho Indians.

The four arms look like a wheel and pointing clockwise represent the Sun/male or counterclockwise

it represents the Moon/female. The four arms are jointed which makes the significance of the

number 4 stronger (four winds, four seasons, four directions, four elements) and the center of the joint

represents the fifth element or the still center. Together, this leads to it being a symbol of the Axis Mundi or the World Axis,

the pole in which the world revolves and links the Heavens to Earth.

Symbolism is in the eye of the beholder.

It can unite. It can divide. It can save. It can destroy.

What you perceive as truth is based on the knowledge and belief you hold at the time.

Communication from the spiritual world comes to us in many different forms.

animals.....material objects.....clouds.....symbols.....colors


They can appear in the physical world, dreams or meditations.

The keys to receiving them is being aware that they exist,

paying attention so you notice them when they are sent and

acknowledging that the message has been received

by saying two words ... "thank you".

If you don't understand the meaning of the message at the time,

give thanks for receiving it then explore the possible meanings. After understanding

the meaning of it, give thanks again for the message.

Showing your gratitude is very important.

Messages can be answers to questions, to prayers, or to thoughts.

They can provide validation/confirmation for something you are skeptical about,

contemplating, have done or seen. They can also be sent to warn or protect you from harm.

How do you know what they mean?

There are many reference books to help guide you to the meaning

of a message if you do not immediately know what it is.

I urge you to use any resource as a guide only and listen to your own intuition

(what resonates as truth to you) when exploring possible meanings.

Note about dreams and meditations:

It is important to understand that messages through these means

are usually sent in the least threatening way so as not to scare you.

This means that just because people you know appear in them, doesn't

necessarily mean it is about them.

Look at the experience in its entirety (or as much as you can remember)

for the intended message to be received. 


animals that show up to us in unusual ways, cross our paths or repeatedly


take notice of and consider these appearing to you

can be the message or be part of the intended message


(Angel Numbers)

numbers that you see or notice at a particular moment or repeatedly


can be something spoken, heard, read or written


thinking about something and you hear a song about what you were thinking

waking up with or a song popping into your head

favorite songs can resonate your truth within them


having creative, artistic, inventive or philosophical thoughts

Signs, Messages, Dreams


Fleur de Lys

Signifies life, light and perfection; purity; Holy Trinity

Associated with the dove & the Virgin Mary

Also a prominent symbol in the Church of Mary Magdalene

What form of spiritual beings are these guides?

They can be animals, insects, Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, muses, ancestors, departed loved ones, deities, religious figures and Elementals like faeries.

How do they help?

They can be called upon for protection, guidance, healing, inspiration, encouragement, strength, support, etc.

They can not interfere with your free will.

They also deliver messages/information to you.

How do I know if they are with me?

Have faith that they are and ask them who they are.

You may see, hear, feel them or just know that they are with you. They can be revealed to you in readings. Some

will come to you in physical form (animals) or in some sort of physical form like in pictures, dreams, clouds, meditations or on objects to deliver messages.

Spiritual Journaling


Symbolizes light in the darkness; it represents the element of fire as a benevolent force that is made even more powerful if it is made of wax (bees wax)

Also see color meanings

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are spiritual beings that help you through your life in a positive way.

How many can you have?

There is no minimum or maximum number when it comes to spirit guides. Some may stay with you throughout your life while others may come and go as needed. 


A dream state can be used as a video communication center through which messages,

answers, past life experiences, future events and warnings are received from the spiritual world.

It is noteworthy to know that this communication is sent to you in the least threatening way possible.

So just because you know the persons in your dreams does not necessarily mean that

the message involves them. Look at the entire dream (as much as remembered) for interpretation.

Also, pay close attention to anything in the dream that sticks out to you. 

Astral travel to other realms, dimensions and past lives is also possible during this state.

Commonly known as an out-of-body experience, it is when the soul leaves the physical body temporarily.

If you don't think that you dream or know you do but just don't remember them,

ask for help from the Spiritual Hierarchy to remember your experiences when you awaken.

You can also use this affirmation before going to sleep,

"I clearly and consciously remember what I see, hear, feel and know from the Light".

It can also be very helpful to write down what you remember before getting out of bed to look at later.

(See Spiritual Journaling)

Color Meanings

Black: mourning, denial, maturity, sobriety, authority

Blue: truth, intellect, wisdom, loyalty, spirituality

Brown: poverty, humility, practicality

Gray: sobriety, steadiness, modesty

Green: luck, money, hope, new life, healing

Orange: balance between spirit and sexuality, energy

Pink: love, health, patience

Purple: royalty, power, wealth, majesty, protection (light)

Red: vitality, life force, fire, prosperity, passion, sexuality

Violet: knowledge, intelligence, humility, temperance, spirituality

White: purity, death/rebirth, beginning/end, virginity, protection (light)

Yellow: power, goodness, truth, light, endurance, life

Spiritual journaling is an important tool for everyone!

Messages from the spiritual world are sent to you each and every day.


Messages are also sent that are intended to be shared with others.

All you have to do is receive them!

Through conscious awareness that information is sent, messages are received.

By keeping a daily spiritual journal, there is no need to try and remember them all.

 Documentation also allows you to become aware of correlations in time frames, notice receiving messages that belong

together like pieces of a puzzle, and research the meaning of the message if it is not self explanatory.

What you see may not make sense to you in which case you may dismiss it without receiving the message.

 ​Here is an example of this from my spiritual journal:


​"I dreamt that I was looking in the mirror at my hair roots, parting it in different places and noticed that they turned green. The next thing I see is my hair became green leaves with different color flowers among them.

My hair looked like a garden."

​"Meaning: Growing things can be a potent symbol for inner growth and what is felt about it. When positive, it can be shown through flowers, fruits, trees or healthy gardens. The growth, beauty and bounty of the plant represents a new found feeling of confidence and self-mastery."

Spiritual enlightenment and self-understanding can be gained leading to personal growth which in turn can lead to social growth.


​Receive your messages and journal them!

Spirit Guides


Represents ascension,

transcendence, fulfillment of potential

It is also synonymous with the idea

of communication between the worlds

​​​Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master Spiritualist - Writer - Lightworker - Minister

Robbie Kaye


An ancient Hindu tradition and folk art. These patterns are usually drawn on the floor or ground at the doorway to welcome visitors. It is said to attract the Goddess of Abundance, Lakshmi


Represents the number 3;

protection; Holy Trinity