Communication from the spiritual world comes to us in many different forms.

animals.....material objects.....clouds.....symbols.....colors


They can appear in the physical world, dreams or meditations.

The keys to receiving them is being aware that they exist,

paying attention so you notice them when they are sent and

acknowledging that the message has been received

by saying two words ... "thank you".

If you don't understand the meaning of the message at the time,

give thanks for receiving it then explore the possible meanings. After understanding

the meaning of it, give thanks again for the message.

Showing your gratitude is very important.

Messages can be answers to questions, to prayers, or to thoughts.

They can provide validation/confirmation for something you are skeptical about,

contemplating, have done or seen. They can also be sent to warn or protect you from harm.

How do you know what they mean?

There are many reference books to help guide you to the meaning

of a message if you do not immediately know what it is.

I urge you to use any resource as a guide only and listen to your own intuition

(what resonates as truth to you) when exploring possible meanings.

Note about dreams and meditations:

It is important to understand that messages through these means

are usually sent in the least threatening way so as not to scare you.

This means that just because people you know appear in them, doesn't

necessarily mean it is about them.

Look at the experience in its entirety (or as much as you can remember)

for the intended message to be received. 


animals that show up to us in unusual ways, cross our paths or repeatedly


take notice of and consider these appearing to you

can be the message or be part of the intended message


(Angel Numbers)

numbers that you see or notice at a particular moment or repeatedly


can be something spoken, heard, read or written


thinking about something and you hear a song about what you were thinking

waking up with or a song popping into your head

favorite songs can resonate your truth within them


having creative, artistic, inventive or philosophical thoughts

Signs and Messages