What is it?

                 It is protection from negative energy, psychic attack and entity attachment.

         negative energy: anger, hate, despair, sadness, worry, anxiety, irritability, jealousy, etc.

                                          absorbing negative energy can cause you to feel drained, irritable, annoyed,

                                          angry, ill or withdrawn

           psychic attack: spite, ill will or malicious thoughts or feelings toward another person, consciously

                                       or unconsciously, that can create illness or disruption in the person's life.

What does it protect?

                   It is used to protect yourself, your space, your home, objects and others

Methods of Protection:

use daily...morning & night


surrounding what you want to protect with colors of light

white:  protection against crime or physical attack

purple: protection from psychic attack

Ascended Masters

call upon Artemis, Ashtar, Athena, Brigit, El Morya, Kali, Lugh, etc.



call upon Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel

Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

call upon yours

Psychic Protection

It is imperative that you use a protection method!

Although it is your choice, I want you to understand that
protection is a necessity!

I recommend using multiple protection methods daily.

(If you elect not to,  please use a protection combo before meditation and sleep.)

Also reinforce your protection or use a protection combo when entering what may be a negative environment or where activity is (could be) occurring like at

psychic fairs/haunted houses/historical sites.

 Robbie   Kaye


Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master

Spiritualist - Author - Lightworker - Ordained Minister


can be worn or carried

protective stones include: tiger's eye, carnelian, jet, black obsidian

can also be used to create grids

Lead Shield

for harsh environments you can surround yourself with lead shields or

visualize yourself inside of a lead bullet


said aloud or thought

****These methods can be used in combinations for added protection.****