Seven years ago, I realized that I had changed and not in a good way.

I was bitter, angry, cold, distant and removed although I tried not to be.

I felt happy and socially interactive on Facebook talking and

posting a daily "good morning" message.

The moment of truth came when my daughter returned home from

college and asked me if I knew how unhappy I was.

Of course, I tried to deny it but it was the truth and

I knew I couldn't continue living (or actually not living) like this

and had to make some tough decisions.

From all the "hats" I had worn for so many years, I had lost who I was.

Some called what I was experiencing the "empty nest" syndrome or a "mid-life crisis".

It was neither.......I AWAKENED! 

I began the process of "self-rediscovery" and made changes in my life.

Changes can be minor or major. It is a continuous learning process. 

 My exploration of spirituality and metaphysics began by reading books on topics of interest to me, listening to what like-minded others had to say and a lot of

meditation then applying what resonated as truth to my life.

I gained a better understanding of myself and the worlds around me.

Simple Examples:

My need to move furniture around even as a kid.

I learned that energy becomes stagnant and by moving the furniture

around the energy flow resumes.

My need to have objects even and in their place. 

I learned that this behavior is due to my need to keep balance.

My perception of life and death changed also.


Listening to and following the Divine guidance received,

I studied energy healing and became certified in "G" healing.

I began teaching workshops about the knowledge I had. It was during this time that I became an ordained minister/spiritual counselor, providing one to one spiritual guidance.

I had also started writing poetry which led to my first book, 

"Enlighten & Inspire Me" then to the second one, "Enlighten Me: Touched by the Light".

  Stepping out of my comfort zone, I accepted an invitation to speak at a local

psychic fair then another and my spiritual speaking career began.

I studied energy healing called Reiki becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner.

By making necessary adjustments/changes 

and following the Divine Guidance given to me,