Spiritualist - Author - Energy Healer 

Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate

Lightworker - Ordained Minister

Full Moon:  ​April 29th​​

​Detox/Cleanse, Set Intentions, Meditate, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals, Send Prayers

​​Archangel Haniel

"Glory of God"

Helps you to enjoy more grace in your life.

Also helps you to add beauty, harmony and the company

of wonderful friends to your life.

April Card Messages

Birthstone: Diamond

​​Attributes: symbol of purity, amplifier,

cleanser, helps with clarity, stimulates the imagination

"The practice of discernment is a part of higher consciousness. Discernment is not just a step up from judgment.

In life's curriculum, it is the opposite of judgment.

Through judgment, a man reveals what he needs to confront and learn. Through discernment, one reveals what he has mastered."

~Glenda Green 

Note: multiple birthstones exist

Healing occurs when you

​"break the chains that bind you"

​Where do you begin?

​​​Awareness?  Understanding?

Forgiveness?  Release?

​Asking for spiritual help?

​All of the above?

Word of the Week

2018 is an 11 year

Master Number 11: Spiritual Messenger

It is symbolic of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Number 1 holds the energy of new beginnings,

self discovery,  and self empowerment.

Master Number 11 holds double that energy.

DISCERN​  (base word)

​"to detect visually; to detect with senses other than ​that of vision; to comprehend mentally;​to perceive as separate and distinct"


Spiritually it is perception without judgment with a view of gaining ​spiritual direction, guidance and understanding.

​Distinguishing between right/wrong, good/evil, truth/lies, etc.​​

Weekly Healing Message

Spiritual Talk


April Crystal

New Moon:  April 15th

Detox/Cleanse, Release, Meditate, Renew,

​Create, Begin, Make Affirmations

Song of the Week

Symbol Card: Dharma Wheel

​​This card represents overcoming obstacles, difficulties or challenges.

You can get past that which hinders your positive progress.

It may take a little "spring cleaning".

Be honest with yourself to acknowledge the issues.

Make the choice to take steps that move you forward.



        Robbie Kaye