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Full Moon:  ​August 26th​​

​Detox/Cleanse, Set Intentions, Meditate, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals, Send Prayers

Archangel Jeremiel

"Mercy of God"

Vision, Life Review, Psychic Dreams

Helps you take inventory of your life.

Helps you to be able to make positive adjustments.

New Moon:  August 11th

Detox/Cleanse, Release, Meditate, Renew,

​Create, Begin, Make Affirmations

August Card Messages

Birthstone: Peridot

​​Attributes: powerful cleanser, motivates

growth, promotes clarity, visionary crystal


​"I am worthy of self-love and the love of others."

​"I am worthy of self-forgiveness."

​"I am worthy of healing and break the chains that bind me."

​"I am always surrounded by the love of God."

​"I am headed forward in a positive direction."


​​​​​Gray Wolf                  Mirror                Infinity

Gray Wolf represents success or failure. Mirror represents impartial truth, honesty and reflection.

Infinity represents balance of opposites, equality between opposing forces, wholeness/completion.

Together, these cards send a powerful message that you control the life you live

by the choices you make... thoughts, beliefs, words, actions & reactions.

The difference between success and failure lies with you. Being honest with yourself is not easy. Facing self-truth allows healing and growth which opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

It is also the beginning to creating balance in your life.

2018 is an 11 year

Master Number 11: Spiritual Messenger

It is symbolic of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Number 1 holds the energy of new beginnings,

self discovery,  and self empowerment.

Master Number 11 holds double that energy.

Spiritualist - Energy Healer - Author

Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate

Lightworker - Ordained Minister

        Robbie Kaye