This is the time of year when so many make resolutions as to what they will do differently than in the previous year.

Resolutions are made with the intention of making one's life better.

Many focus on physical health which is important but

mental, emotional and spiritual health are just as

important as all of these bodies are connected.

So cover all the bases.

A common encounter with resolutions is the inability 

to stick with them. Some helpful tips:

(1) Use positive affirmations on a daily basis

(2) Take a step at a time by breaking down your

ultimate goal into smaller attainable goals then

reward yourself for each achievement.

(3) Do not beat yourself up with negative emotion over any lapse

as this can (will) hinder your motivation to continue.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Robbie Kaye                         

Remember resolutions are not just for the beginning of the year... you can choose to make changes in your life

and begin at any given moment.

New Moon:

January 5th​​

​Detox/Cleanse, Set Intentions,

Meditate, Make Affirmations, 




Spiritualist - Energy Healer - Author - Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate - Lightworker - Ordained Minister

Full Moon:

January 21st​​

​Detox/Cleanse, Set Intentions, Meditate, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals, Send Prayers