Robbie Kaye

New Moon: Sept 17th


Meditate, Set Intentions,

Make Affirmations

Spirit Animal: Ladybug

If it alights on you, make a wish and your wish will be granted.

Structure a time each day where you can pray or meditate in silence and solitude.

Something you thought was lost will be making its way back into your life.

Mother Mary is with you to guide you and console you, no matter your religious or spiritual orientation.

You're shielded and protected from irritations, pestering thoughts, or annoying behaviors from others.

​​​​*It is up to you to discern which message is meant for you to receive.*
*"Animal Spirit Guides" by Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D.*​

​​​​Energy Healer - Spiritualist - Writer - Lightworker - Minister


4 Universal Year carrying the vibrations of the Archangels

This is a year for practicality, organization, application, hard work, traditional values, progress, honesty/integrity, self-control, inner wisdom, stability/ability, constructiveness, service, endurance and system & order.

Full Moon: Sept 2nd

Detox/Cleanse, Meditate, Send Prayers, Set Intentions, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals