Full Moon: August 3rd

Detox/Cleanse, Meditate, Send Prayers, Set Intentions, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals

Spirit Animal: Musk Ox

No matter how harsh the emotional climate or physical environment, you will endure.

You're discovering a primal strength and fortitude inside you that is

increasingly available to you for your protection.

Right now it's important to provide extra guidance and protection for any children in your domain.

Meet any challenges head-on with courage and persistence.

Look to your family or group of friends for support, comfort and protection.

​​​​*It is up to you to discern which message is meant for you to receive.*
*"Animal Spirit Guides" by Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D.*​

​​​​Energy Healer - Spiritualist - Writer - Lightworker - Minister


4 Universal Year carrying the vibrations of the Archangels

This is a year for practicality, organization, application, hard work, traditional values, progress, honesty/integrity, self-control, inner wisdom, stability/ability, constructiveness, service, endurance and system & order.

Robbie Kaye

New Moon: August 18th


Meditate, Set Intentions,

Make Affirmations

​​​​This is a time when you may be unsure about some areas of your life . You may find it to be the time to re-evaluate,

improvise or adjust what you are doing.  Have you thought about any other avenues that are open

to you? Have you explored them or have you or someone else talked you out of it? Don't be hesitant to explore or try

something different or new. A temporary situation of limbo may be turned into a permanent situation that takes you

forward. It can lead to an abundance of blessings being received as well as awareness of the blessings you

already have. The events taking place right now may seem as though things are becoming worse but if you think

about it... what was hidden is being revealed. More light equals less darkness which in turn uncovers that which

is hidden within the darkness. The darkness will use whatever means it deems necessary to keep the presence of light

away to maintain its domain and keep what is hidden from being discovered. This applies to you individually, as a

family and in a group. It applies to towns, cities, states and countries. Besides abundance, the rangoli can be a symbol of

spiritual perspective and/or spiritual energy. Through these it is possible to see and/or feel the spiritual nature

of what is occurring and this can give you a sense of understanding and comfort.When you become aware of something,

how do you determine what is truth and what is not regarding what you see and hear? Is it through discernment

or emotions? Opportunities for enlightenment are presented daily. You have a choice to accept or reject it.

Be a Light shining through the Darkness