Spirit Animal: FALCON

1. Before making a decision, step back from it and consider it from a broader perspective.

2. There's an opportunity before you; however, be patient and trust your instincts to know when the time is right to act on it.

3. Pay close attention to the natural rhythms of your body and your surroundings and see what this can teach you.

4. Whatever choice you make at this time, once you've made your choice, commit to it fully and take the plunge.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want, and develop your strategy accordingly.

Be courageous, willing to face whatever it is that intimidates or frightens you.

​​​​​​*It is up to you to discern which message is meant for you to receive.*
*"Animal Spirit Guides" by Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D.*​


"1. Love is quiet     2. Love has no agenda     3. Love never pumps itself up.     4. Love has wisdom to use the other three."

"Pure love will never create a fear scenario in your life but the ego will."

The ​Kryon Writings, Book 6, pgs. 29-30, c 1997

"Love is not a word, or just a feeling. It is a power source! It is energy.
You can call on it, turn it off and on, store it up, send it out and focus it for many uses.
It is always available and will never fail you. It is the promise of the Universe!
It is the common thread that runs things. It is time you started to see this... and I mean in the universal sense that it really is your time! You are at last being given permission to use and understand this power source, and you have earned it. You may want to use the word "God-Source" instead of love to give you an understanding of the meaning of the power. We are collective, but the power source is singular. This means that we all share a common oneness that is the power."

The Kryon Writings, The End Times, Book 1, pg. 27, c 1993​​

November Reminders

New Moon:  November 4

Full Moon:  November 19

detox/cleanse, set intentions, meditate,

make affirmations & send prayers

*during the full moon also charge your crystals*




5 Universal Year

Influences and attributes of personal freedom, individualism, life lessons learned through experience, variety, resourcefulness, motivation, progress, courage, health and healing, opportunity, imagination, intelligence, and making positive

life choices and decisions.

Only you can fulfill your own destiny!