Spirit Animal: GILA MONSTER

1. If you're in doubt at all, be patient and wait.

2. Be conservative with your energy and resources rather than giving them away so readily.

3. Don't start any new major projects or expand your present business until the timing is more appropriate.

4. Pay close attention to you natural biorhythms and coordinate your activity cycle to those as best you can.

5. In order to succeed, be sure that you're completely prepared before you move ahead.

6. This is a good time for a cleansing fast over a few days, or if you're physically able to do so, a complete fast with only water.

​​​​​​*It is up to you to discern which message is meant for you to receive.*
*"Animal Spirit Guides" by Stephen D. Farmer, Ph.D.*​


6 Universal Year

Influences and attributes of unconditional love,

balance, honesty, healing, responsibility,

teaching, gratitude, stability, home & family,

​compromise, peace and reliability.

Only you can fulfill your own destiny!

​​​Chief role is to oversee all other archangels & angels to ensure they are all working together in a harmonious & orderly fashion according to Divine Order and will.​

Archangel Raguel helps in creating harmony & resolving conflict.

Cherub brings the message of relaxation & spiritual support

Autumn signifies a time frame

Angel brings the message that you are being watched over and to ask for help when needed

Shield brings the message of the need to use protection barriers or the need to remove blockages

Crown Chakra signifies intuition and abilities

The cards for January bring the message that autumn was a time to relax knowing that you were spiritually supported.  You are still being spiritually supported now as you are being watched over, however, action on your part is going to be needed. It is up to you what happens next... 

Do you ask for spiritual help when you need it?... Do you protect yourself from negativity?...

Do you remove blockages that do not serve you? What can happen when you do?

Your Divine Connection can become clearer & stronger.

January Reminders

New Moon:  January 2

Full Moon:  January 17

detox/cleanse, set intentions, meditate,

make affirmations & send prayers

*during the full moon also charge your crystals*