Robbie Kaye

​​​Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master Spiritualist - Writer - Lightworker - Minister

2020 is a 4 Universal Year carrying the vibrations of the Archangels

This is a year for practicality, organization, application, hard work, traditional values, progress, honesty/integrity, self-control, inner wisdom, stability/ability, constructiveness, service, endurance and system & order.

Full Moon: July 4th

Detox/Cleanse, Meditate, Send Prayers, Set Intentions, Make Affirmations, Charge Crystals

​​​​With the current events that we face you may find it difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel to guide you through the darkness.

You may be uncertain about your life and where you go from here since the economy was shut down with stay home orders

due to COVID-19. To compound this situation, there is civil unrest, riots, destruction, increased crime,

ideological discord, and more politics going on as well. What does this mean for you?

This message is a reminder that your life, present and future, is dependent on you.

It means that even though it may not seem like it at this time with all that is happening, you have the power to control your life.

The question is, what are you gonna do with it? Are you going to keep it, continuing to create your life or give it away, letting someone else create your life for you? There is always spiritual help waiting for you. Just ask for it. Protect your energy. The state of your energy can help or hinder your outlook. Your choices can put you on a path to success or a path to failure. Remember, a failure is not a failure until you stop trying.  Failed attempts can lead you to a future success. Will you be ready to recognize and pursue the opportunities when they are presented to you? They may or may not be what you expect but will be presented for the purpose of moving forward and upward. 

Be a Light in the Darkness

New Moon: July 20th


Meditate, Set Intentions,

Make Affirmations