Spiritualist - Author - Lightworker - Minister

Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master

Akashic Record

contains information on all that has occurred and all that will occur in the universe


guiding influences and spirits who watch over each soul and may intervene to protect from harm


a powerful overseer of other angels and manager of specialized areas

Ascended Masters

highly evolved spiritual beings who may or may not have previously been incarnated who guide the spiritual

 evolution of the earth and people on earth who seek to raise their spiritual and physical vibrations


 the process of fully remembering one's unity with God (it is also known as spiritual awakening/enlightenment)

Astral Travel

when the soul leaves the physical body behind and travels to distant locations or other realms


biomagnetic field that surrounds the physical body providing a protective zone that can

extend for about 18 inches to 3 feet from the body and contains information about a person's

physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual state of being.


energy centers that are aligned with the spine (see Chakras in the Learning Center)


the ability to hear things that are inaudible to the physical sense of hearing


the ability to know things without knowing "how" you know them


the ability to feel things that are physically intangible


the ability to see things that are not visible to the physical world

Creator of All

another name for God, the Source, Spirit, the One, All That Is 

(no matter what name is used.....there is only one)


focus is continually on "doing" or "getting" in the physical world

Energy Field

an area charged with electromagnetic energy (positive, negative or both) that surrounds a being or an object


spirit who hangs around close to the earth and may attach to an incarnate being

Golden Age

an age when a higher consciousness is achieved and people live in greater peace,

harmony, love and abundance


the placement of crystals around a building, person or room for protection or energy enhancement


a connection between oneself and Earth allowing excess and negative energy to flow from the body