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What is the Light?

It is the truth, wisdom and love of the Creator of All making vision, spiritual illumination, inner light and enlightenment possible.

Enlighten Me

What is a spiritual awakening?

It is remembering information known by the higher self of one's unity with the Creator of All. (God)

What is perspective?

  The way in which you view things.

What is spiritual perspective?

  Focusing on the positive...making it part of your daily life.

  Finding the positive in the negative and learning the lesson from the negative so not to repeat it.


       What is a lightworker?

           A soul that has agreed to help the vibrational shift of the earth by doing their own work and as a result, stimulates others to evolve.

            A living human being who feels called upon to help Earth and those on it in a way that uses spiritual energy.

       What  does it mean to be "enlightened"?

            It is gaining knowledge or insight to how the spiritual world and material world are connected and intertwined.

      What does metaphysical mean?

           The word is derived from the Greek words "meta", meaning after or beyond, and "physics", meaning nature.

           Simply put...metaphysics is the study and philosophy of that which is beyond the physical or material world.


      What is spirituality?

           It is having a personal, one to one relationship and connection between you and the Creator of All.

           It is learning about your"self", your truths and your life plan, seeking knowledge and understanding oneself.

           It is a way of life...a way of living.

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