A dream state can be used as a video communication center through which messages,

answers, past life experiences, future events and warnings are received from the spiritual world.

It is noteworthy to know that this communication is sent to you in the least threatening way possible.

So just because you know the persons in your dreams does not necessarily mean that

the message involves them. Look at the entire dream (as much as remembered) for interpretation.

Also, pay close attention to anything in the dream that sticks out to you. 

Astral travel to other realms, dimensions and past lives is also possible during this state.

Commonly known as an out-of-body experience, it is when the soul leaves the physical body temporarily.

If you don't think that you dream or know you do but just don't remember them,

ask for help from the Spiritual Hierarchy to remember your experiences when you awaken.

You can also use this affirmation before going to sleep,

"I clearly and consciously remember what I see, hear, feel and know from the Light".

It can also be very helpful to write down what you remember before getting out of bed to look at later.

(See Spiritual Journaling)