Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master

Smoky Quartz

Excellent stone to place between you and

your computer for protection from the

electromagnetic smog it gives off.

Crystal Decorations

Citrine Cluster

A stone of abundance.

Place in the wealth corner of your home or room located at the back left corner from the door.

Place a large piece of selenite in a room to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Raw Crystals

Quartz Cluster

Crystal Wands



Tumbled Crystals

Crystal Basics

You can get crystals in a variety of forms:

tumbled, raw, points, wands, shapes, clusters, geodes,

double termination, amorphous, layered, tabular, elestial, abundance,

generator, manifestation, cathedral quartz, record keeper, etched and many more.

They are used in jewelry, as tools in energy healing, to create grids, to meditate with and to make elixirs.

(caution: know the properties of the crystal before making an elixir with it)

Crystals need to be cleansed especially when purchased, after wearing or using them for healing.

They also need charged periodically.

Before choosing a cleansing or charging method for your crystals,

make sure that you know the properties of each one so that no damage occurs to the crystal.

This also applies to your intended use for each crystal.

There are some crystals that have the natural ability to cleanse themselves.

Some of which can be used to cleanse other crystals like carnelian and selenite.

Crystals can be programmed for a specific use.

Each crystal has its own attributes and vibrational level

which can affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Commonly worn crystals are birthstones.

They are popular in class rings, mother's rings, necklaces or bracelets.

There are multiple stones for each month although this list is

used as a guide by most.

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine

April - Diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl

July - Ruby

August - Peridot

September - Sapphire

October - Opal

November - Citrine

December - Topaz

Spiritualist - Author - Lightworker - Minister

Fishtail Selenite 

(also called Angel's Wing Selenite)