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This is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. 
It can extend from 18" to 3 ft. from the body.

The aura contains information regarding the person's
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

​Areas needing attention can be seen with an
intuitive eye and/or felt by an energy healer.

​The edges of the aura that is strengthened to provide
protection is known as the auric shield.​​

Like the chakras, the aura also needs to be cleansed.

The aura can absorb or repel the energy that you come in contact with from people, places and things. 

​Cleansing of the aura can be done through energy healing.

​Other ways to cleanse the aura include salt baths, crystals, smudging, and white light to name a few.

It is important to cleanse your aura often, if not every day.

​​It is also important to protect your aura with additional shielding every day.


​Kirlian photography allows the aura to be photographed.
​With the ones I have had done, a printout explaining the ​colors was received
and I was given the option of having it read by an aura reader.

I had many aura photos taken by my friend Jan and this one particular day she noticed that something was different in the photo. She thought that maybe the camera had malfunctioned because it did not look like my normal energy field. She took another picture and it was the same way.

Before having a third photo taken, I spoke with my angels and it changed.

I then had an energy healing session with my friends Mike and Penny then had another photo taken (4th).​

My usual auric field taken 22 days later


after talking with my angels 


A chakra is a spinning energy center.

The 7 main chakras are located in alignment with the spine.

When your chakras are clear, open and balanced they function properly.

One or more malfunctioning chakras can lead to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbances.

Energy healing can return the chakras to their functioning state.

Crown Chakra

     access center to Universal wisdom

Third Eye Chakra

     center of spiritual sight

Throat Chakra

     regulates the clarity of  

     all your communications

Heart Chakra

     center of your loving energy

Solar Plexus Chakra

     emotional center

Sacral Chakra

     regulator of your physical desire

Root Chakra

     center of strength & individuality


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The Aura


after energy healing