"Messages Received"

​A daily spiritual journal designed to help make your spiritual journaling experience organized and easy.

​Messages are sent to you each and every day. They can be in the form of thoughts, signs and dreams. Inside you will find helpful hints along with 365 lined pages ready to be filled with the messages you receive.

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"Enlighten & Inspire Me"

26 Inspirational Poems & Words for Thought

​"Love & Light"

"Knows not Death"

​"Pillar of Strength"

​"Not Love at All"

​"Natural Beauty"

​"Spiritual Connection"

"Where's Me?"

"Mid-Life Crisis"

​"Self Re-Discovery"

​"Happily Ever After"

​"Life After Death"

​Plus more!

"Enlighten Me: Touched by the Light"

Introductory overview of topics relating to spirituality and metaphysics.

Free Will

Love & Forgiveness



Shapes & Symbols


Me, Myself and I




Words & Thoughts

​The Think Tank

​Plus more!

        Robbie Kaye

Spiritualist - Author - Energy Healer 

Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate

Lightworker - Ordained Minister

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