Guide the spiritual evolution of the earth and those who seek

to raise their spiritual and physical vibrations.

Listed below are some of the many Ascended Masters.


helps with increasing courage (especially for women), life purpose and finding direction,  protection and warmth (in relationships, body and environment)


helps with balance and moderation, joy, inner peace, world peace, spiritual growth and understanding


helps with animals (breeding, pregnancy, birthing), childbirth (painless), twins,

connection to Elementals and lesbian concerns

El Morya:

helps with decision making, faith, grounding, energy and psychic protection


helps with abundance, artistic projects, household harmony/peace, removing and

avoiding obstacles, wisdom issues and writing


helps with clairvoyance, courage, mother/son relationships, strength, physical vision, standing your ground


helps with child conception/parenting, compassion, healing, gentleness,

love relationships/marriage, sexuality, weather


helps with clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction,

faith issues, forgiveness, all types of healing, manifestation, miracles


helps with courage, determination, direction, focus, motivation, protection and tenacity


helps with dedication to life purpose and focus


helps with abundance, beauty, happiness, manifesting home supplies and home clearing

Mary, the Beloved Mother:

helps with children issues, healing and mercy 


helps with alchemy, crystals, Divine magic, energy work/healing, prophecy,

psychic abilities, shape-shifting and time-warping


helps with authority figures, clear communication with God, courage, faith, leadership and miracle-working

Saint Francis:

helps with animal communication & healing, career, environmentalism,

life purpose, peace, spiritual devotion and youths (overcome delinquency)

Saint John of God:

helps with anxiety, depression, healing, hospitalizations, joy, spiritual, dedication and space clearing


helps with divine magic, joy, manifestation, space clearing, spirit releasement, wisdom and understanding


helps with Divine magic, life purpose, mathematics, prophecy, divination, psychic

abilities, sacred geometry, teaching and writing

Ascended Masters

Spiritualist - Author - Lightworker - Minister

Energy Healer: MOVE Healing & Reiki Master