Spiritualist - Energy Healer - Author - Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate - Lightworker - Ordained Minister

Guide the spiritual evolution of the earth and those who seek to raise their spiritual and physical vibrations.

Listed below are some of the many Ascended Masters.

Brigit:             helps with increasing courage (especially for women), life purpose and finding

                           direction,  protection and warmth (in relationships, body and environment)

Buddha:        helps with balance and moderation, joy, inner peace, world peace,

                           spiritual growth and understanding

Diana:            helps with animals (breeding, pregnancy, birthing), childbirth (painless),

                          twins, connection to Elementals and lesbian concerns

El Morya:     helps with decision making, faith, grounding, energy and psychic protection

Ganesh:         helps with abundance, artistic projects, household harmony/peace, removing

                          and avoiding obstacles, wisdom issues and writing

Horus:          helps with clairvoyance, courage, mother/son relationships, strength,

                          physical vision, standing your ground

Ishtar:          helps with child conception/parenting, compassion, healing, gentleness,

                         love relationships/marriage, sexuality, weather

Jesus:           helps with clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction,

                         faith issues, forgiveness, all types of healing, manifestation, miracles

Kali:              helps with courage, determination, direction, focus, motivation, protection and tenacity

Kuthumi:    helps with dedication to life purpose and focus

Lakshmi:     helps with abundance, beauty, happiness, manifesting home supplies and home clearing

Mary, the Beloved Mother:       helps with children issues, healing and mercy 

Merlin:         helps with alchemy, crystals, Divine magic, energy work/healing, prophecy, psychic

                          abilities, shape-shifting and time-warping

Moses:          helps with authority figures, clear communication with God, courage, faith,

                          leadership and miracle-working

Saint Francis:      helps with animal communication & healing, career, environmentalism,

                                    life purpose, peace, spiritual devotion and youths (overcome delinquency)

Saint John of God:      helps with anxiety, depression, healing, hospitalizations, joy, spiritual

                                              dedication and space clearing

Solomon:      helps with divine magic, joy, manifestation, space clearing, spirit releasement,

                           wisdom and understanding

Thoth:            helps with Divine magic, life purpose, mathematics, prophecy, divination, psychic

                           abilities, sacred geometry, teaching and writing

Ascended Masters