Spiritualist - Energy Healer - Author - Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate - Lightworker - Ordained Minister

​   Meaning                                   Call upon for help with:                             Patron Angel of

Archangel Ariel                      "Lioness of God"                  healing & protecting nature/environmentalism                      Wild Animals

Archangel Azrael                  "Whom God Helps"             support, comfort, grief, compassion, peace,                                   Clergy

                                                                                                                transition, helps souls crossover

Archangel Chamuel            "He Who Sees God"              comfort, protection, intervention in world                              All who love God

                                                                                                                 events, love, tolerance, gratitude

Archangel Gabriel                "God is my Strength"           children, arts, communication, purity, rebirth,                       All who work in

                                                                                                         creativity, purifying thoughts, body & emotions                     Communication

Archangel Haniel                 "Glory of God"                        helps us enjoy more grace in our lives, to add                          

                                                                                                         beauty, harmony & the company of wonderful

                                                                                                                              friends to your life

Archangel Jeremiel             "Mercy of God"                      prophetic visions, helps newly crossed over souls

                                                                                                         review their lives, helps those living take inventory

                                                                                                         of their be able to make positive adjustments


Archangel Jophiel               "Beauty of God"                      helps us to think beautiful thoughts and to therefore                    Artists

                                                                                                         create, manifest and attract more beauty in our lives

Archangel Metatron                                                               children issues, unity, education, truth                                      Small Children

                                                                                                          (one of two Archangels originally mortal)

Archangel Michael           "He who is like God"                 protection, justice, strength, courage, power,                         Law Enforcement

                                                                                                                        guidance/direction                                                                & Military

Archangel Raguel              "Friend of God"                         helps in creating harmony and resolving conflict

Archangel Raphael               "God Heals"                            helps you heal your mind, thoughts, body & soul                         Medicine

Archangel Raziel                "Secret of God"                          can help you understand esoteric material &                              Law Makers

                                                                                                          increase your ability to see, hear, feel and know                          & Lawyers

                                                                                                          Divine guidance

Archangel Sandalphon                                                          carries human prayers to God                                                              Music

                                                                                                           (twin brother of Archangel Metatron)

Archangel Uriel          "God is Light", "God's Light",          helps with natural disasters, peace, nature,                                  Literature

                                                        "Fire of God"                           spiritual understanding, visions & instructions                             & Music

Archangel Zadkiel      "The Righteousness of God"           helps you hold mercy and compassion towards                              All Who

                                                                                                           yourself & others, let go of judgments &                                           Forgive

                                                                                                           unforgiveness, invocation, transformation,

                                                                                                           freedom, benevolence, mercy