Say it as TRUTH!

Believe it as TRUTH!

Manifest it as TRUTH!


Affirmations are positive statements declared to be true.

They are said as all ready having been achieved.

Each one said 3 times aloud daily.

When you need a self reminder, you can say or think them throughout the day.

Affirmations can be said at any time and anywhere... whenever you need them.

                                                                                              Which one should you use?

"I am not afraid." or "I am brave."                         "I am not weak." or "I am strong."

All the words in your affirmations need to be positive.

Although it may sound positive, the use of negatives like the word "not"

puts the focus on what you are not rather than what you are.


A few examples:

 "I am loved."

"I am beautiful, inside and out."

"I am worthy."

"I am abundant in all areas of my life."

"I am confident to speak the truth."

"I am the Light of the World."

"I am a spiritual being having a physical human experience."

"I am one with Spirit and Spirit is one with me."

Have you ever noticed how your energy level affects you? Others?

Affirmations add to your energy level as well as to others.
How you feel about yourself and your life is expressed through your mood,
body language and sometimes the way you look. 

Say them as a reminder to yourself to boost your confidence or self-esteem.
The best cheerleader you can have is yourself!

Affirmations are governed by the Universal Law, the Law of Attraction,
which states that energies attract like energies.