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​The adventure of a lifetime is life itself .

​Life's journey is one of choosing, living, feeling, learning, healing, growing and teaching.

​The elements are the same for everyone yet your choices create your own life's journey.

​​​​The journey through life is not always smooth as you can encounter bumps to get over, obstacles to overcome,

​twists and turns to maneuver, hills or mountains to climb, storms to weather, breakdowns to repair, detours that you take,

accidents to avoid if you can, ​traffic jams to sit through or getting lost then trying to find your way back.​

Creating and maintaining a balance between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies is key for a 'complete' you.

You can choose to learn it or from it.

When you learn it or from it, you grow from it.
​When you grow from it, you apply it.
​When you apply it, you live it.
​When you live it, you teach it.
​When you teach it, others can choose to learn it or from it.

​This cycle can be positive or negative.

The hope is for positive cycles to continue and negative ones to be broken. 

The choice is yours...​ ​it's your journey!​​


 "Through writing, speaking and healing, my spiritual mission is to ​enlighten, inspire and motivate others regarding

spiritual & personal growth as well as to raise awareness encouraging social growth in the world." 

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"To live for others is to lose oneself. To live for you is to find oneself."

​~Robbie Kaye


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God gave you FREE WILL.


CHOICES give you control over your LIFE.

ALL choices come with responsibility/accountability and have a positive or negative consequence.

You have a choice whether or not to LET yourself be a victim of circumstance, of society or of yourself!

Yes, you read that correctly....LET! You have a choice!

FREE WILL gives you the CHOICE of what you BELIEVE!

It is also through FREE WILL that what you believe CAN BE modified or changed based on new information and knowledge gained.

There are those in this world who will try to conquer free will.

FREE WILL was given to you by God and it CANNOT be taken away.​​