​Free Will... Choices

​​I talk about free will a lot because it is important to understand it and the impact it has.

Free will enables you to choose what you think, you believe, you speak, you feel and you do (action/reaction) for yourself.

Each is energy... making up your energy that has an impact on the One in either a positive or negative way.
Free will also enables you to change or modify these things from their current state as you see fit.

God gave you FREE WILL.


CHOICES give you control over your LIFE.

ALL choices carry accountability and consequence.

It is easy to take credit for the positive, not so much for the negative.

Your choices are your choices.

Your choices are your responsibility.

Your choices... your responsibility... your consequences...

only you are to blame for the choices you make!

No blame can be put on anyone or anything else.

You have a choice whether or not you ALLOW yourself be a "victim" of circumstance, of society and/or of yourself!

Yes, you read that correctly....ALLOWYou can change it, rise above it or remain a "victim" of it. You have a choice!

​Choosing to learn it or from it.

When you learn it or from it, you grow from it.

When you grow from it, you apply it.

When you apply it, you live it.

When you live it, you teach it.

When you teach it, others can choose to learn it or from it.

This is a cycle that each of us experiences.

The cycle can be positive or negative.

Each of us needs to continue the positive cycles and strive to break the negative ones.

There are those in this world who will try to conquer free will.

FREE WILL was given to you by God (you are born with it) and it CANNOT be taken away.​​

​​The adventure of a lifetime is life itself .
​Life's journey is one of choosing, living, feeling, learning, healing, growing and teaching.
​The elements are the same for everyone.

IT IS your choices that create your life and journey.

​​​​The journey of life is not always smooth as you can encounter bumps to get over, obstacles to overcome,
​twists and turns to maneuver, hills or mountains to climb, storms to weather, breakdowns to repair, detours that you

take, accidents to avoid if you can, ​traffic jams to sit through or getting lost then trying to find your way back.​​

Creating and maintaining a balance between your physical, emotional, 
mental and spiritual bodies is key for a 'complete' you.


Being spiritual is your personal relationship with the Divine.
There are many misgivings when it comes to this and you may hear or have heard quite a few of them.
​The focus here, as it should be, is on what IS not what isn't.

 Spirituality fits the monotheistic system template.
Monotheism: "Monos" = only / "Theos" = God

It is the belief in one God.

​The same as the three major religions in the world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
In much the way that Christianity has the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost (all being aspects of the single Creator), 
​Spirituality has angels, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters ​(all being one with God).

​Although it is misunderstood and possibly feared by many, metaphysics is spiritual and has many beliefs/practices.

It is the study and philosophy of that which is beyond the physical world. The spiritual and physical worlds are intertwined.

Everything is energy... everything is connected.

I have met many along my journey who, for whatever personal reason or experience,

are very anti-religious. ​Quick example: I heard a man tell a friend of mine talking to him that he was glad

she used the name "Spirit" and not "God" otherwise he would have walked away.​

Religion is spiritual and has many beliefs/practices.

Metaphysics and religion are not opposing sides as some believe and portray them to be on both sides because all are connected to God. Religion does not have an exclusive right to the name "God" although many may make that association.

​Spirituality is an ongoing quest for knowledge, insight and understanding into oneself, one's life, the physical world,
the spiritual world and the Universe. ​This includes the communication and the connections that exist between them.
It is through this that one gains enlightenment. ​​You can learn the "how to" from others and the "possibilities" through the experiences 
of others however, it is through your own experiences that your connection to the Divine opens and strengthens.

​There are many spiritual beliefs, practices and concepts among like-minded people, not all of them shared.
Keep the ones that resonate as truth to you and discard the ones that do not.

Your spiritual journey will help you learn about your'self', build inner strength, gain new perspective,
initiate self-healing, create balance and make positive changes to live the life you want.

My spiritual mission is to enlighten, inspire and motivate others regarding spiritual & personal growth as well as to raise awareness encouraging social growth in the world.​

​​​I consciously choose to do what is right

To work each day living life in the light
Rising above the negative attempting to thwart
By seeing the positive that uplifts my heart
From this day forward, I affirm to be
Different than yesterday, a better ME
 ~ Robbie Kaye

​​Welcome Energetic One

Everything is made of energy & vibration. Basic science, right?

This applies to all forms... seen and unseen... physical and spiritual.

I greet you as I see you.

You are energetic. You are one.

You are energy. You create, emit and receive energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You are one as a singular being (individual) as well as part of the One, the whole.

Recognize yourself as such.

Also acknowledge that the One (the whole) is bigger than yourself.

You are part of it... of nature, of the world and of the universe, you do not merely exist in it.

The parts may be seen as or considered to be separate yet they are always connected.

Through these connections varying amounts of impact are made on the parts as well as the whole.

This energy whether referred to as The One, God, Creator, Spirit, The Source, The All, The Higher Power,

Originator, etc. in truth, is one in the same. What you call it is your choice.

​Throughout history, humans have personified God.

Maybe so they could relate or understand the concept based on what they knew and the human consciousness

level at the time. Explains how the concept that humans were created in the image of God was misconstrued.

Humans have also used the concept and personification of God as a means of controlling others.

The term "God fearing" was coined by humans. You fear what you don't know or understand.

Spiritual knowledge has been used to help advance the human race and the world in which we live as it is meant to, however, there have been those who use it to advance themselves and/or their agenda, even today.​ 

​Humans have evolved thus raising the consciousness level of the human race.

God is not to be feared but partnered with and being created in the image of God not physical but energetic.
Embrace the Energetic One that you are and all that it involves. 

~ Robbie Kaye

Energy Worker - Spiritualist - Writer - Reverend