Robbie Kaye

Spiritualist - Author - Energy Healer 

Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate

Lightworker - Ordained Minister



Spirituality is the personal relationship one has with the Divine. 

Although it is misunderstood by many, metaphysics is part of spirituality as it is the study and philosophy of that which is beyond the physical world.

Religion is also part of spirituality. They are not opposing sides as some believe them to be because all are connected to God. 

Spirituality is an ongoing quest for knowledge, insight and understanding into oneself, one's life, the physical world, the spiritual world, the Universe and the connections that exist between them.

It is through this that one gains enlightenment. You can learn the "how to" from others and the "possibilities" through the experiences of others however,

it is through your own experiences that your connection to the Divine opens and strengthens.


Healing is the restoration to an original state of being.

​It is important to understand that healing can occur on one or more of four levels ​and that they are connected.

Four Levels of Healing

​physical, ​emotional, ​psychological, ​spiritual

Maybe more importantly is having the understanding that healing may not occur on the level in which you want it to as there can be variables or obstacles preventing it.

Sometimes there is a sequence to the healing that needs to take place. 

Any form of acceptance that can lead to additional healing is difficult to reach if you are blinded to what healing did occur from dwelling on what did not.

​It seems the physical, emotional and psychological levels have been the focus of modern medicine.

I am glad that the spiritual level is finally being recognized and energy healing is being used in conjunction with medical treatment.




God gave you FREE WILL.


CHOICES give you control over your LIFE.

ALL choices come with responsibility/accountability and have a positive or negative consequence.

You have a choice whether or not to LET yourself be a victim of circumstance, of society or of yourself!

Yes, you read that correctly....LET! You have a choice!

FREE WILL gives you the CHOICE of what you BELIEVE!

It is also through FREE WILL that what you believe CAN BE modified or changed based on new information and knowledge gained.

There are those in this world who will try to conquer free will.

FREE WILL was given to you by God and it CANNOT be taken away.

This site provides information and messages regarding spiritual enlightenment and healing.

You will also find information about me and my spiritual journey.

In the "Message Center" you will find weekly inspirational messages, word of the week, monthly card messages & full/new moon dates, videos and Spiritual Talk.

The "Learning Center"contains spiritual concepts and introductory information on many spiritual/metaphysical topics along with a glossary of terms to help you on your quest for knowledge.

 I invite you to EXPLORE the information throughout this site. 

I encourage you to LEARN about the topics that create a spark within you. 

I hope that you APPLY those concepts to your life.

Mission Statement

 "Through writing, speaking and healing, my spiritual mission is to enlighten, inspire and motivate others regarding spiritual & personal growth as well as to raise awareness encouraging social growth in the world."

Spiritual Enlightenment will help you learn about your 'self', build inner strength, gain new perspective, initiate self healing, create balance and make positive changes to live the life you want.