There are some energy healing modalities that are not learned.

In these, the person has the natural ability (a built-in attunement) to channel healing energy from a spiritual source.

I have such an ability and have had it all my life.

I have always used this to relieve my daughter's headaches as nothing else would work.

I thought that our mother/daughter connection had something to do with the success.

In part, it did because healing comes from a place of love.

A few years back, I was at a festival and a woman approached my booth.

After speaking with her a bit, she mentioned that she had hurt her shoulder and was having pain. I asked her permission to see if I could help.

We were standing in the aisle in front of my booth at first but I soon realized that it would be better if we sat down. Placing my hands at her shoulder, I closed my eyes and focused on her pain. I have no idea how long we sat there but when we concluded I asked her how she felt. She replied much better. She also told me that she felt the warmth of the energy from my hands move from her shoulder to her neck and down her spine. She said that she had never felt anything like that before.  After she left, the person in the booth next to me had been watching and asked what I used. I was honest saying that I didn't know what it was called and that it's just something I do.

Some of these methods may not have a name or a name has not been revealed to the person yet which can make it difficult to explain to someone.

My gifts include: the ability to heal with my hands and words;

to send energy to where it is needed in the world; intuition;

and the ability to influence the energy in a room for the better 


This NEW healing modality comes from the Universe of Light.

M.O.V.E. Healing

                                                                                                                                          M: Mana  (Divine Power)

                                                                                                                                          O: Omega  (Implementing the new/gradual removal of the old)

                                                                                                                                          V: Vibrational    

                                                                                                                                          E: Energy


It is connected to the Ancient Egyptian Era where it is said the most powerful

healing methods were used. My healing ability is now being energized

with a different energy than before (one that not all will be able to use) 

and it is being enhanced and even more pronounced than ever before.

This healing energy is channeled through a direct connection with the Creator.

I am thankful for this gift and the insight that I have received about it.

What are some of the benefits?

                               1) Vitalizes body, mind and spirit                            2) Balances internal organs and the body's energies

                               3) Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium                    4) Promotes a state of relaxation

                               5) Relieves physical and emotional pain                6) Cleanses the body of toxins

                               7) Strengthens the immune system                        8) Adjusts itself to the needs of the recipient

What is it used for?

1) stress reduction promoting relaxation

2) balancing the chakras and energy systems of the body

3) it can facilitate healing through being balanced               

4) can compliment other healing modalities and medical treatment

5) distance healing and self-healing

Not knowing how to explain my ability before now,

I have studied two other healing modalities over the last few years:

Galactic Healing and the Usui Shiki Tibetan Reiho Gendai Reiki Method of Natural Healing from

Reiki Masters/Teachers, Reverends Mike and Penny Maier.

 I have attained the level of Reiki Master,

holding a Certificate of Okuden Koeki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique of channeling spiritual energy

through mental imaging and intention using ancient symbols and mantras.

 It is a form of natural healing that uses the hands-near technique

to convey natural energy to help balance the energy fields.

The word Reiki is represented by two kanji, Rei and Ki.

Rei - Spiritual Wisdom

Ki - Life Energy

All healers use a kind of "Ki" but not all use Reiki.

Reiki is a special kind of "Ki" that is guided by spiritual consciousness and 

is a special kind of healing energy that can only be channeled by someone who has been attuned to it.